The product line of ViagraMasculina are combinations of a selection of the most powerful plant extracts that will help you to perform longer and better in the bedroom or any other place.

What is ViagraMasculina

The magic word is often Viagra but there are many kinds and even better replacements.
These substitutes are often claimed not to work but this is not true.
Manufacturers always add an active ingredient to their pills, capsules or sprays.
After all, if it doesn’t work you as a customer won’t come back and you have a bad experience and your money is gone.
That is why Viagramasculina sells good products and we would like to see you again. We are also users ourselves and want the best for you!

Our Ingredients

Panax Ginseng

This is also called Korean ginseng and is known for its libido and fertility enhancing properties. It provides an arousal and increases testosterone and high energy levels


This semi-essential amino acid also has numerous advantages. In addition to improving your blood pressure and immune system, it is also known to cure impotence and flaccid erections.


Maca, also called the Peruvian Ginseng, is a real miracle cure with a lot of minerals. It has a healing effect and a positive effect on male fertility and tosterone levels.

Vitis Vinifera

The vine, as it is also called, has long been known for its beneficial effects. One of the advantages is that it improves the blood flow in the Penis so that it will eventually be fuller and thicker.


The root of the Astragalus plant helps to fight fatigue and strengthen the autoimmune system. In addition, it improves stamina during sexual intercourse.


The importance of zinc in the human body is enormous. Among other things, it is essential for the production of testosterone and a lot of sperm in the human body. Moreover, zinc strengthens the immune system.

Don't just take our word for it. See what our customers are saying.

Used by Thousands

I love this product! My “output” has increased significantly making me feel (and perform) like a much younger man. Super happy I discovered it.


Ben Goldsmith

53 years old

 This product has definitely helped my husband in a tremendous way! Thank you.


Terry James

Satisfied with husbands performance

I have been trying with my wife to get pregnant. I’ve tried 2 different pills claiming I would get her pregnant. 8 months later I tried these and after one month, bing bang!! Shes expecting now!!!!


Eric Northam

Future dad

This product made me more active in bed and my wife is so satisfied with it. Recommend it to everybody that has same issues.

Ajay Mehra

Satisfied user

Buy now and take your bed game up!

These ingredients can not only increase testosterone levels and virility, but will also give you more
self-confidence and energy that you will continue to feel long after your activities.

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